The AMX-32 French main battle tank is a further development of the commercially successful AMX-30 main battle tank. Its development began in 1975, with the first prototype being revealed in 1982. This MBT was developed as a private venture for the export market, however it received no production orders.The AMX-32 was built to have improved armor protection; composite armor was used on the frontal arc of the hull and the turret was all welded, in place of the cast one on its predecessor. Side skirts were added for better protection of the hull. It was also fitted with NBC protection and automatic fire suppression systems. The AMX-32 is armed with a non-stabilized 105 mm rifled gun, similar to that of the AMX-30. It was also offered with new 120 mm smoothbore gun. Both guns fire standard NATO 105 mm or 120 mm rounds respectively. The variant with an 120 mm gun can carry a total of 38 rounds.

In-game Tactics

The AMX-32 is an excellent sniper tank, because of its very good accuracy and quick 1.6 second reload speed. Because of this, the vehicle can take out most targets in only around 3-4 shots. But, this tank has horrible armor and is an easy target for a higher damaging tanks, such as a stock T-90 or T-72. The good gun and bad armor are what mainly cause the AMX-32 to be more of a sniper tank, rather than an MBT for close range fights. However, an experienced player can fight with the AMX-32 in close combat as well. The easiest way to defeat an opponent player is to take advantage of the fast speed that the AMX-32 has. Driving circles around the enemy is very effective, because the AMX-32 has a high speed (56.9 kilometers per hour when maxed) to take out tanks without them being able to hit the very thin armor that it has. The weakest spots of this tank are all over the rear and sides, which can easily be splashed with high explosive and do some substantial damage.

Pros and Cons


  • Great DPM, better than the AMX-40
  • Amazing accuracy


  • Armor is abysmal (much worse than the AMX-30), and can easily be damaged with high explosive
  • A complete absense of reactive armor, unlike the AMX-30
  • Spaced armor performs worse than on the AMX-30 due to there being less armor angling
  • Speed is not much of an improvement over the AMX-30, resulting in it still being a bit underwhelming
  • Reload is fast, but .1 seconds slower than both the AMX-30 and AMX-40
  • Penetration values are worse than the AMX-30, but not as worse as the AMX-40


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