Locking on target

No target

Your firing at thin air your seeing stuff

Target locked

Enemy target is locked ready to fire a rocket!


ATM stands for Anti Tank Missile. This weapon is useful for taking out strong tanks from far distances thanks to it's firepower. 

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Using an ATM

1. Stay a safe distance from your target like a hill, ATMs will not fire if the target is too close.

2.Achieve a lock-on. Maintaining a lock-on is a prerequisite for firing ATMs.

3. Press the fire button.

(Remember not all vehicles have an unlimited amount of ammo, for example Main battle tanks like the M60 that can mount a ATGM system may only be equipped with two ATMs, some armored vehicles like the Type 82 that can mount a ATGM system may only be equipped with 5 ATMs, Finally ATGM only vehicles like the Raketanjadgpanzer has an unlimited supply of ATMs.)


There are certain modifications that counter the effects of the ATM to varying degrees such as smoke and active protection system armor.

Finrars Tip

Load up an ATM missle then fire! load a AP shell next and it becomes a deadly combo! especially with the Black Eagle and K2! Unless your a ATM only vehicle well good luck.