At the end of the 1960s the soviet union was seeking to develop a modern IFV so they used the BMP as a basis to the new concept vehicle, as a result of that the new BRM-1 officially entered service with the Soviet Army in 1972, production began in 1973 when the first BRM-1s were passed to reconnaissance subunits. It was fitted with an extra-wide, low-profile, two-man turret which was moved to the rear of the hull and without the M3 autoloader and the 9S428 ATGM launcher (although some vehicles did have the ATGM launcher). There were also two small roof hatches, instead of four in the rear part of the hull. A PSNR The doppler radar for range calculations was installed from 1993 onwards. One vehicle was assigned to each recce company of a motorized rifle, tank or artillery unit. The crew was increased from 3 to 6 (commander and gunner who occupy the turret, driver and navigator who occupy the nose section of the hull and two observers who occupy the rear part of the hull). Some vehicles were fitted with a bank of 81 mm 902V "Tucha" smoke grenade launchers. NATO gave it the designations BMP-R and BMP M1976/1. The BRM-1 has seen very much action during its service life including many conflicts in the Middle East. It also was later upgraded to the BRM-1k which featured a much wider turret.



BRM-1K in Stone Trap Arena

In-game, the BRM-1 has a slightly below the average damage, but a fast reload to greatly compensate for it. Given its maxed speed of 58 km/h, it is a great flag runner in Capture the Flag. But, the armor is abysmal and the health pool is rather low. Because of these statistics, it performs best as a flanking and supporting unit. When attempting to capture/deliver a flag in Capture the Flag, it is very necessary to have other fast supporting vehicles nearby for them to take the hits from enemies instead. Its turret rotation speed is nice, so it is not frequent that the BRM-1 gets outflanked. It is also amphibious as well. Like most Soviet/Russian tanks, its reverse speed is horrid.
Tanktastic BRM 1

Tanktastic BRM 1

Credit to David.Schischman

Pros and Cons


  • Awesome DPM, amazing penetration values
  • High top speed, respectable agility
  • Fast turret rotation speed, small turret as well
  • Very low profile


  • Health pool is fairly low, armor is pathetic with no spaced armor either
  • Overall mobility is pretty bad, reverse speed is laughable
  • Cannot use the APDS ammo round
  • Tracks get damaged fairly easily


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