• Equablemonsterz

    The end?????

    March 29, 2018 by Equablemonsterz

    Tanktastic was once a thriving game and community but ever since update 2.0 it’s popularity and population has been quite...Stagnating. As of 2018 many players have left due to the overdue update, what’s left of the community is people hanging on to their memories, people standing for change in the game, and people moving on to a more hopeful brighter future. Most players are just leaving because most people foresaw the most likely outcome and future to the game which is death, in my personal opinion it seems to be leaning torwards that direction and most players have already found a better game with a more better future. Asking for change in Tanktastic currently seems useless due to little or no communication with the developers due to …

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  • HAWK02

    Tank Ben's Personal Blog

    April 10, 2017 by HAWK02

    Greetings, fellow Members of the Tanktastic Wikia!

    For the purpose of this Blog will soon to be discovered in due time; my interest in Tanks, as well as anything Military-related has grown, ever since I started my everlasting journey with Tanktastic: I expect it to keep growing, despite all odds.

    If you have any questions, please; feel free to ask, and I will do my best to answer them, in a friendly, but profressional way.

    Also, please; if you would like to know anything self-related to Tanktastic itself, then, by all means: feel free to contact me in the case.

    Thank you, and Best Regards;


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  • Drestdave

    Hello, so you know, I'm new and here's my profile.  

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  • Qnomei

    Cool Name Colors!

    October 1, 2015 by Qnomei

    Well, I feel like this is of little importance so I wanted to make a blog about it. I figured out how to give the staff mermbers cool name colors and such! YAY! Expect to feel far more intimidated when those mulit-color names come out. If you're bad, I might just give you pink or someting, so DON'T GO WRECKING MY PAGES.

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  • CTS 4563

    7:00AM (GMT PHL)- A Familiar Tank has been spotted at the Snowy Mounts of Winter Map, Ransacking numerous innocent players during CTF mode, and The Players said that tank has Diamond emblem on it, 3 of them in one group, and the tank is encrypted "RAR34" on the MBT70, 30 Killed, and 5 of them survived.

    10:59 AM- In a quiet,oilfield turns to be a Chaos,  A Wild Challenger 1 destructing 2 squads of Tanks- mostly Russians, has been wreck havoc for 15 mins.  And one of the surviving squads saw a 3 blue diamond emblem on its side and an encrypted "RAR34" on its turret, 36 killed, but none of them survived.

    Officials now Released that this Female is Wanted, Reward is unknown.


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  • CTS 4563

    A New Skill is Found

    May 21, 2015 by CTS 4563

    6:30 PM (GMT PHL)- A Driver fought a skilled driver in her MBT-70 has a powerful tatic known as: Rocks and Lead

    Its a Tactic known to fire a Missile first on its target, and once hits, it will fire a main gun by circling it, once dones,  

    The process repeat until The missile is empty/ gets killed

    One of the players said. That tank is assassinater --So does the driver,  Kills multiple times with a low chance to be killed, and also shoots even in tougher tank than the fully upgraded MBT70

    One guy said, The last name was saw is a female, and was known as rarity v34, a Filipino female tanker


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  • Unknown 4249

    Hi I am on here sometimes, usually playing the game, and on the forum a lot.

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  • Tankiller96

    Lack of updated info

    October 10, 2014 by Tankiller96

    Hello everyone I joined for I have come here a few times and noticed a lot of tanks where not up to date due to so many tanks being released causing a lot of the wikia members here busy trying to get the new tanks here with some history on them so I figured I would help out with the older tanks that I happen to own I'll be updating topics as I Max all my tanks feel free to tell me how I am doing and how I can improve :)

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  • Sharks06

    hey guys its me sharks06 ive been off the wiki for months now i was a bit busy but i will come on the wiki from time to time the wiki has changed a bit when i was gone and has improved for the better thanks to the commmunity taking effort to edit. guys find me in tanktastic or PM me on the forums if you wanna ask me something tanktastic in my idea is one of the best tank games of all time with addictive multiplayer matches clans and chatting to friends also i like going on the forums at times. Guys if you have any questions about tanktastic tell me here. plus guys also tell me about am i good as a player and if you enjoy me as a freind

    Bye for now find me swimming in the open waters of tanktastic finding my prey

    Sharks06 leader of clan JAWS …

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  • TinkerTanker

    I have been called a fairy for a long time.(cause of my name.) my name means tinker (as a persons who fixes a builds stuff) and a tanker (do I Evan need to tell you what this is?) so yeah. I am not a fairy. Fairies suck.

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