Tanktastic Wiki

The Tanktastic Wikia is divided in multiple sections and caterogies to ensure that the Wikia can be browsed and used easily. All articles at this Wikia belong to one or more caterogies, and more on that will be explained in this Catergies Guide. A list of the currently existing caterogies will be shown as well as them linked.

Caterogies on the Wikia:

All articles are divided into categories to make browsing, searching and creating easier for all Tanktastic Wikia users. The Tanktastic Wikia asks users to add a appropriate and fitting category to the article they edit. Here you can find a list of the currently existing Caterogies. If there is no appropriate and fitting category yet, you can ask the Tanktastic Wikia Team for further help. This is how to add/create a category:

Step 1: Go to an article on which you want to add/create a new category.

Step 2: Scroll down and click "Add caterogy".


Step 3: Type in the name of the category you want to create, and press enter/return key when done.


Step 4: After inserted the caterogies name, this is how it should look like:


Step 5: Click "Save" and the new category is added to the list.


Note: If you have problems with adding a category, or you have a question about it; please, contact the Tanktastic Wikia Team.

Best Regards;

Tanktastic Wikia Staff Team.