Each team starts out with an amount of points, 500, 750, 1.000, 1.250, 1.500, 2.000, 2.500 or 3000 points. Players need to capture a controlpoint, A,B or C, so that the points go down. The control point and the flags of that point are: Red; point is capttured & controlled by enemy team. Blue; the point is caputered & controlled by your team. If the point is white coloured, means that it is not captured & controlled by both of the teams. When you are at the control point, and it's not controlled yet, there will appear POINT CAPTURE. When you leave the control point, by getting killed, or just drive awyay from it, before it is captured and controlled, there will appear CAPTURE IS INTERRUPTED. Whoever's team runs out of points loses. There will be multiple flags, A, B & C. If a team has captured 3 flags then the enemy's team loses 3 points a second.


For this gamemode, team play is the best strategie to win. Using low-profile tanks is the best, because it will be harder to shoot you. Try to focus on the capture points, because that is the fastest way to win the game. Protecting a capture point controlled by your team will prevent the enemy team from capture that certain point. If you are with friends, try to work togheter: 1 focuses on capturing, the rest tries to prevent capturing.


All maps support the gamemode Control Points. The most played map are the more close combat maps, so it doesn't take to long to drive from point to point.

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