Demomap is the smallest map in Tanktastic, and a favorite for frantic deathmatch games. It was the first map ever made for Tanktastic. Slower tanks are not recommended for this map.


Being Tanktastic's first ever map, Demomap is small and flat. Several hangars and assorted buildings dot the area. One thing you will notice right away is the path that surrounds the entire map. Use this to your advantage. This is a close quarter combat type map. 


  • Small layout allows all enemy tanks to be easily seen
  • Easier to find tanks means faster kill ratio
  • ATM based vehicles (ex. Raketenjagdapanzer) shouldn't be a danger.


  • Small layout means that enemies can see YOU!
  • Capturing points can be hard due to the small map size
  • Flags are hard for both the capture and the defense due to the small map size.
  • ATM only vehicles (ex. Raketenjagdapanzer) are basically useless because there is no cover or mounds.

Other Uses of Demomap

Demomap is widely used for gatherings either for clan meetings or just friends. It also provides a great training area with the many corners and hills etc. As well as a great place for deathmatches due to the low map size makes finding and getting frags a breeze. It is also used for 1vs 1 matches due to it's small area, since a large map such as winter or oilfield would take forever for each contender to spot each other never mind killing. 


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