Forest is one of the larger maps in Tanktastic. The layout can be disorienting and a fog limits your view. This is a medium range combat type map, even though it feels like close quarters combat.


Lots of rocks, trees, and hills cover this map. Faster tanks are recommended in this map due to all the elevation changes, as it is very easy to get stuck, especially with slow tanks. Much of the fighting takes place in the lower areas, while snipers like to take the hills.


Forest is great for fast tanks with low profiles (such as the M50 or Type 60). The map is varied in height, and low profiles come in handy when hiding from other tanks in bushes and crushed trees.


The camouflages to use in this map are dark green 'Forest' camouflages, not light green mixed ones (like MARPAT or digital). You might even want to use 'Mud' or 'Moss' to blend in with your surroundings, as they cover all surfaces and have no clear pattern.


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