HEAT (High Explosive Anti Tank) shell

HEAT (High Explosive Anti Tank) ammo has low accuracy and high damage. Popular in the low to medium level games, It has less effectiveness against spaced and reactive armored tanks. As stated HEAT rounds are extremely devastating in low level matches as armor and HEAT countermeasures are not available yet, but HEAT has extremely low accuracy and has no splash damage unlike its counterpart HE. HEAT also has the slowest shell velocity making it possible to even dodge it. HEAT rounds in higher level matches are mainly ineffective against most vehicles due to most of them employing HEAT countermeasures such as spaced and reactive armor most often repelling off of them, though occasionally HEAT rounds may sucessfully penatrate causing up to 300+ damage. It is advised to only use HEAT if the opponents tracks, sides, or rear is visible.

Pros and Cons


  • Highest damaging shell
  • Effective against lightly armored targets
  • Ignores thick armor


  • Low accuracy
  • Slow travel time
  • Ineffective against spaced and reactive armor
  • No splash
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