Jungle was added in the 20a update along with Industrial. It's estimated to be twice as large as Winter, which held the previous map-size record. In the middle sits a large mountain overlooking the entire map. This is a long range combat type map.


Jungle has very few protected sniping spots. The terrain is varied and keeps rising from the shore line to the many small villages. Games on this map favor tanks that take the high ground. From the picture, it's easy to see many alternate routes and small hills in the highland. On the other hand, the beach area is flat and provides no cover, but is easier to traverse. This map is laggy for some devices, it is advised that you lower your graphics or free up some space. There are some good vantage points overlooking key areas, and tanks that have applied camouflage can blend in with the surrounding terrain, making ambushing very easy.


A mixture of light and dark green is recommended, while 'Urban' is good for blending in with the rocks on the outer areas,


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