Oil Field is a large map in Tanktastic. It features two desert towns, cliffs, and some oil pumps. This is a long range combat type map.

In Game Description:

The lost town in the Middle East, where hot sand, open oil platforms and dangerous cliffs await their prey. Arrange a trap for your enemies, don't get lost in the depths. Oilfield is waiting for you!


OilField is a very large map in Tanktastic. Featuring two towns, protected by ridges, and with oil wells in the middle, it offers a lot of cover and vantage points. Assaults can be made down the middle, flanking the enemy around the sides, or sniping at the ridges. Overall, it is a very varied map.


The camouflages which work best on this map are 'Sand' if you are fighting in the desert, or a variation of brown if you plan to snipe in the ridges.


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