Tanktastic Wiki

Official Wikia Guideline and Policy.

  • Tanktastic Wikia's main language is English; any other language used in articles or otherwise will be removed.
  • Creating/posting any content that is not related to Tanktastic is strictly forbidden.
  • Ensure to use proper Grammar, punctuation, and spelling; hard-to-read articles will be edited/removed.
  • Users who edit articles are asked to base their information on facts, not on opinions. That would make the Wikia untrustworthy.

If a user is found to have participated in such actions, they will:

  • Be warned, depending upon severity.

Rules for behaviour on the Wikia in general: 

  • Cursing and profanities: inappropriate language is strictly forbidden.
  • Starting/taking part to discussions on social, religious, political topics that create controversy; sexual references, looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • Creation of accounts that contains inappropriate content, including, but not limited to: profanities, racist or nationalistic implications, whether partly covered or just implied.
  • Creating articles/messages that advertise non-benefical, non-Tanktatic-related businesses, organisations or websites; providing links to said external resources.

If a user is found to have participated in such actions, they will:

  • Be warned/banned, depending upon severity.

If you have further questions regarding the guideline or the wiki in general, please contact us on the Tanktastic forums or PM us on the Official Tanktastic Discord.

This article is subject to further change.

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