The T-90MS Tagil is a recent variant of the T-90 MBT which includes a modified turret, ERA (which provides protection against tandem warheads and reduces penetration of APFSDS rounds by over 50%), ATGM protection system, and is mounted with a newer 125mm smoothebore which allows for farther ranges and better accuracy. It was first introduced in 2011 and is being suggested to be exported to foreign countries, during 2017 it was confirmed that one Middle East country ordered 464 T-90MS Tagils.


The T-90MS is the second to last vehicle in the Russian tech tree as of this build. The T-90MS Tagil is considered to be a "good" tank to a certain extant by the community, this is is due to its leveling which is level 70-75 making the vehicle entirely unique to this upgrade level range (Though this can be debated with the future inclusion of the T-15, Challenger 2 TES, and Leopard 2A7+). The leveling of the vehicle would cause the players using it to encounter lower level vehicles such as the Leclerc and Challenger 2 at stock but would also encounter stock M1A2 Tusk and T-14's at max. It is suggested to keep the vehicle at a lower level during upgrades as it is an effective vehicle against lower level vehicles, as it allows the vehicle to take advantage of its good stats, though it is suggested to lightly upgrade the vehicle's gun and ammunition so that it can do effective damage.

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