Team Deathmatch is just like regular deathmatch, except with teams. Strategy and tactical thinking become more important here, because you need to consider both friend and foe in your attack plans. Working together using your tanks and playing an important role for your team is the best way to achieve victory.

Objective of the Game

With the right teammates, Team Deathmatch can potentially be even more profitable than any other gamemode. Here, two teams of 1-8 players go head to head. Players use a combination of skill, strategy, and superior firepower to emerge victorious. Expect to see a wide range of different tanks. Larger maps are favored here, due to their capacity for epic battle and plethora of hiding places. 


When joining a new lobby, try to pick the losing team, one more person can turn the whole tide! Always be on the lookout for spawn killers, nobody will blame you for hating them so much. Bring friends into a lobby with you as much as possible! Not only is it more fun, but it's easier to collaborate, too. 

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