In Tanktastic, there are a variety of vehicles (both player and AI controlled) available to control. They range from light tanks, AA tanks, to missile launchers and experiments (WIP) If you are looking for the statistics of a tank or tanks, go here for Digital Crow's Stat Database. If you are looking for a simpler list of the tanks, go here for Units.

NATO Tanks


The countries in NATO

Since its founding in 1949, the transatlantic Alliance’s flexibility, embedded in its original Treaty, has allowed it to suit the different requirements of different times. In the 1950s, the Alliance was a purely defensive organization. In the 1960s, NATO became a political instrument for détente. In the 1990s, the Alliance was a tool for the stabilization of Eastern Europe and Central Asia through the incorporation of new Partners and Allies. Now NATO has a new mission: extending peace through the strategic projection of security.

This is not a mission of choice, but of necessity. The Allies neither invented nor desired it. Events themselves have forced this mission upon them. Nation-state failure and violent extremism may well be the defining threats of the first half of the 21st century.  Only a vigorously coordinated international response can address them. This is our common challenge. As the foundation stone of transatlantic peace, NATO must be ready to meet it.

Warsaw Pact Tanks


The USSR and other countries in the Warsaw Pact

Over many decades, the Soviet Union and Russia has developed a unique scientific and engineering school construction of armored tanks, weapons and equipment (armored vehicles), was a powerful armored industry and industrial components (engines, tank protection systems, weapons and so on.) The result was the emergence of a large number of serial and experimental models of armored vehicles and weapons, as well as the fact that the Soviet Union and Russia, stand on positions in the world elite of the countryes, designs and producing armored vehicles and weapons.

Asia Tanks


The countries in the Asia tanks group

Whereas many militaries are moving towards lighter and more mobile armoured vehicles, Asia’s infatuation with tanks shows no sign of wavering. In fact, the reverse is true, with several nations adopting main battle tanks (MBTs) for the first time in recent years. Furthermore, three Asian countries – China, India and Pakistan – are expected to account for 60.38% of global tank production through till 2017. There is also considerable investment in new indigenous designs in Japan and South Korea. In terms of firepower, armour protection and mobility, the tank remains unchallenged as the weapon of choice - with combat operations in Afghanistan revealing it is a mistake to regard the MBT as irrelevant in modern warfare.

Air Support

These are aviation units that are artificially controlled.


This area contains all of the upgrades for vehicles.

Unreleased Vehicles

These are various vehicles that have been developed for the game but have not yet been released.

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